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Have you ever thought about controlling chicken warriors and participating in uncompromising arenas? Manok Na Pula MOD APK will be an option to tát help you realize your thoughts. The chickens in this game have been raised to tát a new level, which is to tát become real warriors in the ring matches.

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Introduce about Manok Na Pula

Manok Na Pula – Accompanying chicken warriors in the ring

Chicken is one of the familiar poultry species in our daily lives. We usually think of chicken as common food, but in Manok Na Pula their role has completely changed. More specifically, ordinary chickens will become skilled warriors in this game.

Manok Na Pula

Your mission is to tát accompany the great chicken warriors to tát fight against other opponents in the ring. Accordingly, the publisher TATAY also brings chickens with diverse shapes, skills, strengths, and more. You should try downloading this game through Google Play or App Store to tát discover it now.

Uncompromising battles of chickens

Joining Manok Na Pula, players will come to tát the uncompromising chicken arena. Here, you will control a chicken warrior with the task of defeating all other opponents to tát conquer glory. You will immediately feel the appeal of the chicken battlefield when everything is in great detail.

The operation is relatively easy to tát understand, players will start competing with chickens and other birds in fierce battles. The winner will receive a reward of higher value than thở the loser. Thanks to tát that, you can use this money to tát upgrade your chicken’s strength in the most optimal way. There is no need to tát go through any tutorials, we believe that anyone can get used to tát this game quickly.

Many challenges to tát conquer

The challenge system in Manok Na Pula will continuously increase in difficulty to tát bring players more interesting experiences. This means that you will be training your fighting skills continuously to tát fight stronger opponents after each level. With each chicken, the other will have a different appearance with stronger attack stats. You will start from simple to tát complex levels to tát access how to tát fight in the game. Also, don’t forget to tát join online matches to tát compete with worthy opponents around the world.

Selection of the best chicken warriors

The chicken warrior system in Manok Na Pula will make you feel impressed with what it brings. All chicken warriors are inspired by famous characters for players to tát easily choose. For example, you can meet killer chicken, warrior chicken, Songoku chicken, bride chicken, and more. Each chicken has a unique appearance and fighting ability, along with a significantly changed method of attack. You can rely on the above characteristics to tát choose the most optimal chicken warrior in each battle.

Upgrade chicken to tát optimize power

Besides owning chicken warriors with strong stats, players also need to tát pay attention to tát upgrading. The upgrade process will help your chicken warriors become stronger through increasing combat stats. The limit of each chicken in this game will be determined through the player’s upgrade options.

Accordingly, each upgrade will come with significantly increased stats. These can be damage, defense, HP to tát skills. All are highly enhanced, but in return, the number of resources you need to tát spend will also be more. Besides, the hatching feature available in Manok Na Pula will give you the opportunity to tát create a unique chicken super-soldier.

Great graphics and sounds

The way the graphics develop in Manok Na Pula also contributes to tát the attraction of players from the first experience. Here, you can easily see the novelty of the chicken warriors through the impressive way of shaping. Moreover, the combat skill effects are also very good, promising to tát bring you fierce battles. Accompanying that is the lively sound that helps the matches become more exciting with a higher tempo.

New update in Manok Na Pula

Version 6.5

  • Added Manok mãng cầu Isang Suntok
  • Added Manok ni Taguro 120%
  • Added Manok mãng cầu Serena.
  • Added new backgrounds!
  • Castle, Classroom, Jeepney, Korean Town,
  • BigBen, Great Pyramid, Laboratory.

How to tát install Manok Na Pula

Step 1: You access the page, tìm kiếm for the keywords Manok Na Pula and tải về the APK or MOD version at the over of this article.

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Step 2: Click the Install button.

Step 3: The game icon will appear with the words “Manok Na Pula by”. You just need to tát click on the game icon and immediately enjoy the exciting battles.

Please tương tác us if you have any problems with downloading and installing APK or MOD files.

FAQs about Manok Na Pula

1: What will chicken warriors benefit from downloading the MOD below this article?

Well, as mentioned, the MOD version will give you a lot of benefits when playing the game. For example, the TaTay Coins feature allows you to tát unlock anything you want and Dragons Eyes will help chicken warriors increase their strength when fighting.

2: How to tát disable ads when playing games?

Manok Na Pula is a miễn phí game so sánh there will be ads when playing the game. After downloading the MOD version, you just need to tát enable the ad disabling feature to tát be able to tát play the game fully.

3: Will the MOD harm my device?

Of course not, because all the MODs on our trang web are securely encrypted and won’t affect your device.

Download Manok Na Pula APK & MOD for Android

If you are looking for a new fighting game, Manok Na Pula will be a choice not to tát be missed. This game is inspired by interesting chicken warriors, although quite sarcastic, but will bring you unforgettable experiences. By joining the game, you will have to tát try to tát develop a full-fledged chicken warrior and be ready to tát defeat every other opponent.

Features MOD:

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  • TaTay Coins
  • Dragons Eyes
  • No Ads