House Rules

What are film ratings?


G: General Audiences - All ages admitted.

NC16: NC16 movies are age-restricted movies containing mature themes and situations more suitable for an older audience.


As is the case with all theatrical releases in Vietnam, each movie release is screened through a censorship process by The Cinema Department - part of The Ministry of Culture, Sport and Travel of Vietnam -- to ensure that it is suitable for public viewing.


To apply the regulations to restrict the target audience, some scenes may be required to be removed by the The Cinema Department to fit the Vietnamese Culture before its release.


What are Platinum’s Cinema Rules?


: No Smoking

: Mobile phone on silent

: No chewing gum

: No Cameras or any other recording devices

: No pets

: For the enjoyment of other customer, please remain silent while inside a cinema hall


Can I bring food bought outside Platinum into the cinema room with me?


To ensure hygiene and safety, only food and beverages purchased at Platinum can be consumed in the cinema.


Therefore, only food and drinks bought from Concession, Crepe House (at Platinum Royal City) and Sky Cafe (at Platinum The Garden) can be brought into the cinema hall.