Movie Detail


Release Date: 16/02/2018Session Time

Duration: 91 minutes

Director: Đức Thịnh

Actors & Actresses: Trường Giang, Sam, Thanh Thúy, Đức Thịnh , Miko Lan Trinh, Puka, Mai Tài Phến, La Thành,

Language: Vietnamese with English subtitle

Country: Vietnam

Genres: Adventure

Around the story of two twin brothers The Son (Truong Giang) - a famous star, busy and The Tung (Truong Giang) - pig farmers in the countryside. Son's schedule is extremely special and to find more income, under the compliment of Tony Dung (Duc Thinh) - Son's management, Tung has been "stripped" become a copy and share more job with Paint. Many comical situations as well as conflict between the brothers also began to occur.


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