Movie Detail


Release Date: 12/01/2018Session Time

Duration: 84 minutes

Director: Đỗ Nam

Actors & Actresses: Quý Bình, Quỳnh Chi, Gia Bảo, Anh Thơ, Trương Thanh Long

Language: Vietnamese with English substitle

Country: Vietnam

Genres: Psychology

The film revolves around the character Tung Nhan (Quy Binh) a MC is living happy with his beautiful lover. Suddenly, Tung Nhan discovered that his son "falls in the sky" - the result of love many years ago with his ex-lover. Adopting a child means getting into a scandal, a career that can be ruined, but seeing a living being helpless, remembering your own orphaned body, Tung Nhan's decision to raise children. The warmth of the father and son suddenly suddenly happened ... It was this decision has happened to the comedy from his lover, the baby and the people around him, creating a film story full of books. Smoking with the audience through the message: In modern society, the family is not only the relationship of humility, but also the love, attachment between souls in sync with each other.


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