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Release Date: 19/10/2018Session Time

Duration: 130 minutes

Director: Victor Vũ

Actors & Actresses: Quách Ngọc Ngoan, Đinh Ngọc Diệp, Jun Vũ, Thanh Tú, Cường Seven, Trương Thế Vinh, Vũ Tuấn Việt, Chiều Xuân, Bùi Bài Bình, Francois Negret…

Language: Vietnamese - English Subtitle

Country: Vietnam

Genres: Drama

Haunting dreams and visions lead An (Dinh Ngoc Diep) to a mysterious cave where she discovers the terrifying secrets of Hung (Quach Ngoc Ngoan) — a man who lived across three centuries. Hung’s tumultuous life reveals a story filled with ambition, vengeance and dark magic.


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