Movie Detail


Release Date: 11/01/2019Session Time

Duration: 106 minutes

Director: Gavin Lin

Actors & Actresses: Jasper Liu Ivy Chen Bryan Chang Shu-Hao Annie Chen

Language: Taiwan - English, Vietnamese Subtitle

Country: Chinese

Genres: Comedy , Romance

Zhang Zhekai, also known as K, is a hardworking employee at a records company. All that comes to a standstill when he is diagnosed with terminal leukaemia. But he’s more concerned about Song Yuanyuan, a lyricist also known as Cream. They met in high school at age 16, seeking solace in each other and growing closer, Cream eventually moving into K’s home. With his illness, K dares not confess his love for Cream. Before his time runs out, he wants to make sure she has settled down and is happy.


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