Movie Detail


Release Date: 14/02/2019Session Time

Duration: 115 minutes

Director: Lê Thiện Viễn

Actors & Actresses: Ngọc Trinh, Diệu Nhi, La Thành, Hồ Vĩnh Anh, Việt Hương, Chí Tài, Phi Phụng, Lê Giang, Tiết Cương

Language: Vietnamese - English subtitle

Country: Vietnam

Genres: Comedy , Romance , Family

Trang and Hien promised with each other when they were teenagers that one will not get married if the other doesn’t. However, they are both being pressured by their family to get married. Can’t stand the pressure, Trang asks Hien, together with Hoang, the one that was arranged to marry Trang, to run away from their homes. Being a smart, business woman, Trang has an idea of starting a wedding planning business with the friends. On the way, they picked up a singer, Tai, to join the team and are lucky to meet Mrs. Hai, who gives them a shelter and supports them. An unique wedding planner team is formed with many fun adventures ahead.


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